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  We are located west of Tulsa Oklahoma. We raise AKC Australian Cattle Dogs. 
   Our dogs have great tempermants & make outstanding ranch hands, pets, friends, protection, and if your into showing they would be great at that to. Our reason for breeding would be to let other great people have a chance to hold & have a piece of the beauty , & companionship that our dogs offer.
  Our dogs our from Ch. & Working  bloodlines. We do not keep our dogs in kennels or cages. They are a part of are family and are treated as so. They get plenty of play time. Our dogs play frisbee, fetch with just about anything you'll throw, soccer, and basketball.  Every afternoon we take one of the dogs up to the school to play with all the kids. This is a great time to burn alot of energy. They have their own swimming pools, and get one on one time obedience training about 30 min. a day. We also practice the calm & assertive techniques with our dogs everyday.
  They do get time on cattle, and enjoy every minute of it. 
 They  have their own dog houses, but we bring them all in with us when their is bad weather. We raise our dogs to be well behaved, and they are great around kids and other animals.
 We do not show our dogs. We have them for working , Companion ship, & protection.  Our dogs are strong, healthy,  athletic, and have great tempermants.    We love to let our dogs play, herd, run, and just get dirty with out having to worry if there's a hair out of place.

  Please do your research on this breed. If the ACD is the choice for you then ask around to find a great breeder. A breeder who truly cares about this breed should be willing to talk with you about any questions you have. They should also have questions of their own before placing a puppy with anyone, and be willing to put you in touch with other great breeders if they don't have what your looking for.

   This breed is not for everyone. These dogs require a job to do, and lots of excerise. Without something to do they become destructive and hard to handle. If your not concerned with papers there are alot of good dogs in the shelters and foster care who need a good home.

Look here for ACD's needing loving homes.

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